Asian afternoon tea at Sunset by Australasia – REVIEW

Asian afternoon tea at Sunset by Australasia – REVIEW

Summer is not over yet…

I was enticed to make a visit to Sunset by Australasia following many pretty pictures of sushi on my Instagram feed.  How could anyone resist the temptation when the food look like this?

As we took our seats in the outdoor canopy, we were greeted by pink and white interiors.  Half of the restaurant were full and I was grateful we had a table on the quieter side so I could freely take pictures without random strangers in them…

Asian afternoon tea at Sunset by Australasia

Whilst we waited for our friend to arrive, we ordered Yum Yum squares which were fried sticky rice accompanied by a spicy tuna and an avocado dip.  The rice squares looked quite odd, but they were crispy on the outside and chewy inside.  It gave an interesting and unexpected texture that left you wanting more.  The accompaniments worked well as a dip and I preferred the avocado with a bit of chilli to the mustard seeds that came with the tuna.

Asian afternoon tea at Sunset by Australasia

 We ordered Afternoon Tea for 3 people with an added charge for drinks (alcohol being more expensive of course).

The savoury dishes arrived in this cute bento box.  There were 8 dishes per person, and they looked so fresh and appealing.  I loved the presentation!

Asian afternoon tea at Sunset by Australasia

If you have never visited, then expect these dishes to be very small.  However, as the saying goes…great things come in small packages! They are very tasty dishes and I especially loved the duck and mango sushi.  The noodles were tasty and was enough to get the tastebuds going.  I liked the idea of pouring out your own broth from the iron teapot, however if you waited until near the end of the meal, the broth would be luke-warm.

Dessert came and it was another point for presentation.

Asian afternoon tea at Sunset by Australasia

I wasn’t too keen on the cheesecake with gingery sauce…not a big fan of ginger but ate all the cake anyway.  The chocolate caramel dome was nice but a little too sweet.  However I absolutely loved the coconut friandes…very soft and moist, with a sweet light almond and coconut taste.  I could have ate all three of those…!

There were so many sweet little desserts, and even though I have a sweet tooth, I would have preferred a little more savoury than sweet.

The restaurant had a lovely casual relaxed atmosphere, and we did not feel rushed even when we stayed a little over the 2 hours maximum time as stated during the online booking.

Staff were friendly and attentive, and even helped us take a fair few photos.

It is a very Instagrammable place with its cute summer sunset vibes and the venue acting as  a nice backdrop for photos.

However, the portion sizes were small for what you pay.  I would come here more often if it was more affordable, but not grumbling as I can come here on the odd occasion.

This restaurant follows a trend of modern fusion cooking that is becoming increasingly popular and combines Australian and Japanese influences.

If you like East Asian flavours, this place will leave you feeling satisfied and inspired.

Written By: Selina Chan

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