Prezzo – Prezzo, Manchester Printworks – Review

Prezzo – Prezzo, Manchester Printworks – Review

It’s no shock that Italian chain Prezzo are currently facing huge closures if last nights meal is what they usually produce.

The Manchester Printworks branch is among the 96 sites deemed unprofitable and unless a deal negotiating a rent reduction can be reached its set to close before the end of the year. Prezzo blames increased rent, staffing costs and low footfall for the decline in profit, but honestly it’s probably the food. Competing for business in a city with an incredible developing food scene will be a loosing battle if you only ever serve mediocre dishes.

Prezzo - Prezzo, Manchester Printworks - Review

The restaurant itself was quiet and unusually cold but the decor was fresh with a semi open kitchen, giving off a homely feel. The food began with Italian style hummus which was almost inedible. The salt in the cold pasta sauce dumped on top of the regular hummus was overwhelming.

Lobster and crab ravioli main had the makings of a great dish but the ravioli was drowning in a thick sticky saffron sauce that I ended up scraping off.

The unusual Etna pizza which had a black charcoal base could have been fab but it was overly dry and there wasn’t enough cheese or sauce to over compensate.

Prezzo - Prezzo, Manchester Printworks - Review

Looking over the general menu, the choices for any diners with dietary requirements were sparse. No vegan desserts were available (although my guest was offered a dairy free ice lolly as an alternative…) so we passed on dessert and asked for the bill.

The staff looking after us at Prezzo we’re friendly, attentive and helpful, the only redeeming part of the visit. I do hope when the inevitable happens some lucky restaurant snaps them up. It made the otherwise negative experience a little more palatable!


Author: Charlie Rowarth

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