Savages Mussels Manchester – Redbank – Review

We need a mussels restaurant in Manchester. I had craved them since a stunning mussels night in the now closed Bakerie but Savages Mussels meal has me desperately petitioning their move to Manchester.

It was only Chef Jamie’s third pop up, hosted by the Snowgoose in Macclesfield, but from the smoothness of the evening and quality of food you could easily believe he’s been doing this for years.

Savages Mussels

The menu consisted of seafood tortillas to start, luxurious mussels accompanied by three different sauces and finished with a creamy profiterole dessert I fell in love with. After an initial wait in the downstairs bar area, making new friends of the animal kind, we were all ushered upstairs past the kitchen whilst getting a whiff of what was to come. Not long after being seated the starter arrives. Two seafood tortillas were a stunningly flavoured mix of battered mussels and cured curried sea bass, both perfectly seasoned with the right amount of spice and a batter that was light and crispy. We had three sauce choices for the mussels: Thai curry, Savages Mariniè or cauliflower velouté. I had the Thai curry which was easily the best tasting of the three. A healthy portion of mussels in a tangy sauce, not too much of a kick and served with local salt bread and fries. Jamie used a local baker for the bread accompaniment which was fantastic.

Savages Mussels

My guest ordered the Savages Marinière and enjoyed the mixture of subtle flavours. She felt that the intensity of the sauce could have been stronger but this is purely down to personal taste. Everyone on our table thoroughly enjoyed it!

Savages Mussels

I honestly didn’t think too much about dessert until it arrived in front of me in all of its sticky, creamy glory. I am usually more of a savoury obsessive but Jamie has fully converted me to the glorious coffee gel, Bailey’s cream and toffee covered wonderfully light profiteroles. Absolute heaven.

Savages Mussels

What amazed me most was the top quality restaurant food being delivered to 30+ people from the smallest kitchen I’ve seen in a while. This really does take real skill.

Presumably due to the kitchen space or lack of, there developed a long gap between the starter and main as it was around 8.45pm by the time our table main arrived. Luckily we had fabulous company so it was barely noticed. Any negatives are only because of a venue/space issue, which would naturally disappear with a move to the city centre (if I hint enough I’m hoping he will!).

Savages Mussels

Genuine out of city talent in need of a city centre platform. Jamie’s passion was clearly showcased wonderfully through his food. Macclesfield is only 20 minutes away on the train and if you wanted to catch Savages Mussels pop-ups before he ventures into Manchester then you can head to the small cobbled town of Macclesfield to experience one of Jamie’s nights!

Author: Charlie Rowarth


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