Trove Bakery – Ancoats – Review – Manchester Food Blogger

Trove Bakery – Ancoats – Review – Manchester Food Blogger

Waking up early on a Sunday morning can have its benefits…

Today was one of those rare days in Manchester where the sky was blue and the sun was shining. Of course, I wanted to make the best of it before the weekend was over. I decided to try out Trove, a thriving bakery neatly tucked away in Ancoats.

I was truly excited, as I had seen so many good reviews from their first bakery in Levenshulme. I do love it when eateries are successful and decide to open so close to me.

I walked in and was greeted with friendly faces and I am sure some of the staff thought I was a bit strange because I couldn’t stop grinning and contain my excitement!

I walked past the cakes counter and knew I had to save room for a sweet treat. So I ordered a simple scrambled egg on brown sourdough toast. There is a selection of homemade bread on the menu as well more wholesome dishes including porridge, granola and a vegan breakfast not to mention a selection of special seasonal dishes.

My dish was lovely, although I did not expect so much toast. The eggs were a lot creamier in consistency than I expected, and tasted a little of hollandaise sauce for which I am not a great fan of. Nevertheless, it was lovely to eat and set me up for what was yet to come!

One of the things I love about discovering new places on your own is being able to feel completely at ease. Trove did just that. It was so easy to relax and to take the time and enjoy the lovely atmosphere.

The simple, light and airy decor gave the place a calm environment. And an hour into their Sunday service, half the tables were already filled but there was a quiet chatter amongst the people that were there.

The waitress recommended the pear frangipane and I am so glad I chose this because it was absolutely gorgeous to eat! The frangipane cake mix was so soft and delicate, and the pear complemented well with it. It was surprisingly not too sweet at all. Loved the flaky almonds on top which gave it texture and added to the sweet nutty taste of the cake.

Trove Bakery - Ancoats - Review

If I was not by myself in a room full of people, I would have been making lots of mm…mmm…mmm noises!

The only slight criticism I have, would be the outer pastry was a little too thick and hard, so it was not very practical to eat and was slightly overpowering compared to the light frangipane inside.

…Nonetheless, with every good slice of cake, an equally good cup of coffee can also give you one of the most satisfying feelings in the world! So it is not surprising I should order one.

When it comes to coffee, I usually order latte as it is not too strong nor too bitter. More recently I have started to try other milk alternatives like oat or almond, as I find they make smoother coffees than ones made with milk.

The best coffee mugs are the ones where you can wrap your hands around. It leaves you feeling all cosy and warm, so it’s perfect at this time of year.

The coffee was really good and I even contemplated ordering another!

Overall, Trove is a very enjoyable place to chill on your own or with others. I am happy I have found another great coffee place that is on par with Pollen Bakery (see my previous review).

I look forward to my next visit and hope many more customers will leave feeling happy and content as it did me.

Written by Selina Chen.

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